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This bistro or cafe theme is a popular one because it’s a simple yet attractive bistro or cafe type of restaurant theme. We have loaded the menu with sample dishes, but look forward to seeing what you have on your menus.

Farmgate Winery

This theme is set up for a small operation or 'farmgate' winery....or similar venture. The focus is on promoting the wines being sold, getting involved in the wine club, and getting booked into courses for wine tasting and pairing wine with food. There’s also several places where coupons and special deals are offered, managed through the Ad rotator module.

Mercury Events

The Mercury theme is set up for a small Events & Promotions agency to promote themselves. There's a unique home page slider for displaying your projects/portfolio/whatever you want to call it, and each item has a detail page with a gallery view and places for a couple of testimonials.


The Manufacturing theme is designed for a company that manufacturers things, focusing on their services, facilities and equipment, certifications, resources & capabilities. There’s a Request for Quote page to get you started as well as a Distributor search page so your visitors can find someone who sells what you manufacture. You can even sell your own stuff in the store.


This is a popular theme because it’s a fairly simple and straight forward commerce focused theme. We have it loaded with dishes and glassware, but you could certainly re-purpose it for other industries.

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