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Keynote Speaker

This theme is laid out to feature a keynote speaker and promote the events they will be participating in. It also has areas to show related or partner speakers. Since it’s focused on events we could re-purpose the template for other event based niches as well.

Small Town Grocery

With lots of options for creating a community feel, and coupons, deals and sale advertisements, this theme is ready to help your small market grocery store. Of course you could adapt the template to fit other niches as well.

Real Estate Agency

The Real Estate Agency theme is designed for realtors to present their agency and their property listings to potential home buyers and sellers.

Veterinary Clinic

The Veterinary Clinic theme is designed for a small Vet Clinic, and provides places to describe your services, show some of your patients and even sell pet related items in your online store.

Conference Event Agency

The Conference Event Agency theme is themed for a conference or event promotion agency, set up with sections and pages where conferences, events and speakers can be displayed and visitors can purchase tickets.

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