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Law Firm

This theme is designed for a Law Office, allowing you to present the areas of law you practice in as well as the credentials and designations of the lawyers that work for or are partners in the firm. The focus of this theme is towards helping visitors understand that your firm can handle their need, and then help them to make the call.


Our Non Profit theme is designed to support a non profit organization, helping you promote your cause, obtain donations, and provide information about your organization and it’s members.


This theme is designed for a photography studio, and is laid out to simply show your beautiful photography so visitors know you are the right studio for their needs. The home page features a minimalist above the fold design, with a simple logo/menu area and a place for an artistic large image with your studios slogan over top. The home page image is set up in a web app and is randomly generated from the available items each time the page is loaded, providing some variety without using a slider. Keeping distractions to a minimum.

Travel Agency

The Travel Agent theme is designed for a travel agency, or perhaps a company offering tours, but you could adapt it to other event based businesses as well including a rich search functionality. Users can search for trips by several parameters, including date and length of trip.

Dental Practice

This theme is designed to support a professional services business. In this case the theme is a Dentist but you could easily customize it so it would work for a doctor, chiropractor, or other professional service.

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