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Professionally Relaxed...

IGCO is definitely not the new kids on the block. Most of our key team members were finishing up a college education when the commercial internet was introduced to the masses and have spent the majority of our professional careers growing technically right along side it. We have seen the internet boom swell to the point of busting and then learned to utilize new technologies and best practices helping make it the viable medium it is today.

Our Philosphy

The mechanics of building a web site have become dramatically easier with tools offered by Wix, GoDaddy, Squarespace and others. Although many of these tools do serve a purpose of getting a nice looking web site online the sad truth is that thousands of nice looking web sites wither away simply because they fail to do what they were put online to do. We know because in years past we built hundreds of those sites ourselves as we learned this fact the hard way right along side our clients...

As a business owner you are proud of your company, as you should be. But often people just like you let the asthetics of their site cloud what's most important... which is what it needs to accomplish. As important as a professional/pretty site is it is only one aspect, and not the most important, of a successful one.

Cost vs. Performance

Cost is always a factor in business but without performance every penny you spend is waste. What we believe and have built a business around is that you can in fact have an online business that you are proud to share, that has the tools needed to insure consistent performance and accountability that will fit in almost any budget. We know this because this is what we have learned to provide.

What We Do

Simply put we do what you need us to. Our platform is setup so that you or your team can completely manage your web site or any part of it and we will make sure you are comfortable doing that. However we can and often do manage all or any part for you as long as your business needs it. We also have no problem training your team along the way so that some day in the future they can confidently take over.

The Bottom Line

The truth is our business depends on the success of yours. We need your web site to perform as much, if not moreso, than you do. Our ultimate goal is to partner with your business and work within it at whatever level we need to insure success. It's just that simple...

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Address: 100 N Louis J Koch Blvd #103 Santa Claus, IN 47579

Email: contact@igco.com

Google Maps: See map.

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