Do Something, Anything, but Do It Today!

So, in the words of Corey Rudl… do something, anything, but something, and do it today… right now. Then, do something else tomorrow. If it turns out to be the wrong thing, that’s okay because you know not to do it again. But if you just do something statistically you will have already far surpassed most of the people who will read this article and will be well on your way to becoming an "interpreneur".
Mark Bulleit 12-May-2016 0 Comments
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Profitable Niche Markets for the Web

The topic came up the other day when speaking with a new client regarding how does one know if a product/service will sell online. This post is a method to follow that should help you make a more educated decision on if and/or how to pursue.
Mark Bulleit 14-Mar-2016 0 Comments
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