Do Something, Anything, but Do It Today!

There’s a lot of information available about marketing online. Some good, some not so good, some out of date, some current and some cutting edge. Like anything worth doing there is a lot of work and even more learning involved to master it.

You’re going to get better at this by doing it and testing what you read and see others doing with your own projects. As you try and fail… that’s right, fail… you will learn what to do, what not to do and what to do better. Yes, you are smart to try to learn from the mistakes and experience of others as long as you understand that this is just a starting point and you have to cross the starting line if you ever expect to reach the finish.

So, concentrate on one discipline, get the best you can at it within your market, before moving on. Some successful marketers never venture off from one discipline because they are too busy making money at the one they have become so proficient at. They then use some of that money to hire someone else to handle the other disciplines for them. Also, it’s amazing how making a little money can boost a person’s confidence quickly.

Corey Rudl - IntreprenuerThe point is that you’re not going to get better by buying courses on every topic someone decides to write about so don’t become an information junkie. One of my mentors, the late Corey Rudl, used to say that the most difficult step his students had was just getting started. Many do all the right things to prepare to start something really great. They do all the research, acquire all the tools, buy the top courses from the “experts” in key disciplines and maybe even read them start to finish. Still they fail to take the most important step of just getting started.

Starting something new, as exciting as it can be, is equally as frightening. It is so much easier to keep doing the same things you are doing now and dream of better results. I think it was Einstein who defined this as insanity right?. If you truly expect different results in your life you have to include something different in the mix because all the best intentions and dreams of doing great things require action to take shape.

So, in the words of Corey Rudl… do something, anything, but something, and do it today… right now. Then, do something else tomorrow. If it turns out to be the wrong thing, that’s okay because you know not to do it again. But if you just do something statistically you will have already far surpassed most of the people who will read this article and will be well on your way to becoming an "interpreneur".

Mark Bulleit 12-May-2016 0 Comments
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