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In offline business you’ve no doubt heard the phrase “location, location, location” as it relates to its importance. Well, that’s because it’s true. If your “brick and mortar” business relies on a constant flow of fresh traffic than you need to be were the traffic already is right?

Translated to an online market you can pretty much say the same thing about keywords which of course is the phrase people search to hopefully find your web site. Since your web site does rely on traffic it needs to be where the traffic already is which online is almost always dictated by keywords.

One of the first mistakes many make is to think they already know what to offer the world, how to offer it and what keywords people are searching to find it without doing any research. You might as well hand a shotgun loaded with buckshot to a blind man at the county fair and tell him to shoot the duck with the red dot.

Keyword research is VITAL to your online business because done correctly it means always being where the traffic already is. It is also probably the most difficult step. You probably know of online tools to find keyword data already but when looking at a list of hundreds of keyword phrases which ones are really worth the time and effort to pursue? The answer can be found in learning how to cluster them.

Whenever someone enters a keyword phrase into any search box they do so with some intention right? They are looking for something… ultimately trying to solve a problem. They are looking for a solution. Sometimes the solution is a new pair of shoes but what they are really searching for is the best place to buy that new pair of shoes.

Learn to group your keywords by this intention (a.k.a. cluster) and the path to your profitable business becomes much more clear. Be careful not to confuse intention with topic because there is a considerable difference in this context. For example…

The following keyword phrases all have different intentions but would be considered of the same topic… not a cluster:

  • The best organic dog food stores
  • How to grow organic dog food
  • How is organic dog food better for your dog

… and here are keyword phrases that share the same intention… a cluster:

  • How to build a dog house
  • Tips building a dog house
  • Dog house construction plans

Do you understand the difference? Everyone searching any of the terms in the cluster all have the same intention in mind which of course is to build a dog house. In the first group, although all the phrases are closely related to organic dog food the searchers do not share the same intention.

Why is this important? Because with phrases organized by intention you can quickly determine the number of people that are searching for what type of information. This is so you have no doubt as to what specific problems active internet users are trying to solve and what the demand is for solutions to these problems. Answer these questions and you have successfully identified a profitable business opportunity.

This process is simple but not always easy. Identifying a profitable niche especially within a specific topic can sometimes take weeks or even months of around the clock research. But if you respect the importance of this step and understand the value of the information you obtain here you’ve just learned how to turn a blind man at a county fair with a shotgun full of buckshot into an Olympic sharp shooter without spending a dime.

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