Auto Repair Shop

This theme is designed for a vintage look Auto Repair Shop. The layout is designed to present the services offered by the shop as well as offering educational videos or even training sessions for those that want to do it themselves.

The integrated customer relationship manager (CRM) will automatically collect all names and email addresses as well as any other contact information supplied by all visitors and place them in a mailing list for you to use in email campaigns. You can then schedule a custom email campaign, including their name and other collected information, and track it's effectiveness throughout the campaign using our built-in site analytical reports.

Like all of our themes this one is completely mobile device friendly so it will be equally as effective on any device and screen size. It is also easy to maintain using both the built-in tools from our Adobe® platform as well as the custom web apps specific to your business.

  • Mobile Device Friendly
  • Shopping Cart
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Events & Event Booking
  • Integrated Blogs, Forums Photo Albums and More!
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Address: 100 N Louis J Koch Blvd #103 Santa Claus, IN 47579


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